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I am back world!~! I took almost one week off to go camping. I mean REALLY camping! We got rid of our travel camper last year and hubby bought a tent! I have the pictures to prove it.
The car rental was a fiasco. They were 2 hours late getting the car there. The car was dirty and it smelt so bad of cigarette smoke I had to ride with the windows down in freezing temps.(I have asthma and requested non~smoking) A red light on the dash board was on and there wasn't an owners manual, only the previous guys paper work..ewwwwwww
Needless to say I stopped and bought lysol and sprayed. I used BUDGET.COM
BUT on the positive side:
Two of the boys got a deer this trip. Thanks to a woman who let them hunt her private land. I went to town and visited their fabric shop. The woman there is ALWAYS sweet, polite and helpful. I ended up buying some batik and fossil ferns. They have a new scrap book shop and I picked up a few things there. The newest addition to Manistee, MI was the Goodwill shop. I went in to see what that was all about and ended up walking out 26 dollars less. I found some wonderful pottery, old homco figurines for holloween, crafty items and patterns! I visited the dollar store and bought bags of cinnamon sticks! Of course our annual treck to the Bargain Barn was a successful. After picking up some christmas gifts for friends and co~workers I feel this was a great trip!
At the camp ground we picked up pine cones & acorns...You can probably see where this is now going! I am going to have one beautiful holiday wreath this year!
Every night at the campground the deer would come out and walk all over. I seen up to 30 deer one night. The most magestic moment was a single male deer with a HUGE rack was by my sister~in~laws camper. It seen me and took off over the ridge and poofed into thin air it seemed, as I looked and looked and I couldn't see it any where.

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Hi! I'm Grace said...

i'm happy about your story. we had camping, too, 2 months ago, and i like it very much. :) i will be on look out for your next craft display... :) God bless you and your hubby.