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Best laid plans!~!

You know the saying: The best laid plans.........
Well today I planned a sewing retreat for myself. I have been sick for several days and the DR said not to go out. Unfortunately, I went out to feed the puppies this morning and noticed that the tarp covering their kennel had major leaks! YIKES!! They were wet! So I had to run to the hardware and buy a new heavy duty tarp, and bungee cords. I figured while I am out I May's as well run to Joanne's after all I have a 40% off coupon that expires today and a 50% coupon! So I ended up buying myself a present since I am sick...rofl You know how it always makes you feel better when you save lots of money by using coupons? I saved 27 dollars!
We have a rule around the house and it is: If you are sick and go to the DR you get a pressie to help you feel better. I cannot count how many hot wheels, candy bars and tools we have bought over the years because of this family self made rule. So what did I get myself you ask?? I finally got the side winder in pink! Then with my 40% I got cotton batting. I was in line waiting to get some flannel cut (for Jesse's quilt backing) when I noticed out of the corner of my eye 2 bolts of fabric that would match perfectly with my jelly rolls I bought earlier in the week. I decided to get a couple of yards, no one had to twist my arm on this one! I figured since I was missing the shop hop road trip ($65.00) I could spend that money in Joanne's ROFL!! Have a wonderful sewy~ weekend!

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