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OK news flash!~!
2 more people have written reviews. One was bad BUT one was good!~!
Maybe the cd's were missed by the other three people?? This is gonna drive me absolutely batty until I see that brown truck guy pull up and give me MY box.
Where o where is my little brown truck guy??
Here is the review:
CHECK BOTH BOXES / Dan, CA 11/23/2008 I found that the box that held the machine was placed inside of another box so make sure you take them apart. I found all of my software in the outside box.
Now here is the website with MY machine:


Hi! I'm Grace said...

Hi Mamacrafty. Christmas is really on your blog already. No, I did not visit my family in the Philippines. How I wish I could.
Anyway, I am on crochet lately. It made me excited having finished one, and I'm on my second ... :)
I'm bored here... I want to work to have my own money, so that I can buy what I need... :(

kt said...

hi Mamacrafty !
The brown truck guys came by my house today and girl... I am in heaven !!!! LOVE the new machine !!!
I am new to all this...sewing and blogging, and I am lovin it !
Know you will love your machine !
Thanks for your blog I really enjoy it !!

Laura Ann said...

RE: HSN Singer Futura. My daughter got the software to work okay so far. I did wonder why there was a label "SES 1000" over the original type, which was "CE 150." What's up with that. I can still return it to HSN. Thanks, Laura Ann