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Just got home from work and guess what that brown truck guy delivered to my door?? You got it!~! The futura singer embroidery machine! At first my hubby was going to make me wait until Christmas to open it, I suppose after the "LOOK" I gave him, he had second thoughts.
I unpacked everything. Sure enough everything was all in the box! I am just ecstatic! I am so beside myself! I am staying up reading the manual and looking everything over. Sleep is over rated anyway.

I just need to figure which computer to load all the software on. Do I really want to take another machine to the basement? That's where my husqvarna had her accident. OR do I want to clog my hubbies computer up with embroidery fonts? HMMMMMM what a dilemma!


swooze said...

You are a mess! Enjoy!!

JVC_Scout_Mom said...

you need your own computer so you're not fighting w/ hubby over his computer -- space and time. (Trust me. I did this before. We have a much happier home w/ multi-computers ... and multi-laptops.)

If you're looking for a LITTLE one, try DELL. They have the cutest little 9-inch thing (barely bigger than a large paperback book, if you can imagine!) for about $350 ... but you'd need an external disc drive for it.