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My Goodness how times flies! I told myself I would read this letter every year at this time to remind myself how things were. I reread the letter and got a really good laugh! I am so thank-full God has delivered us and brought us through this terrible time. Here is the letter:

Last year I wrote a letter (2007). When a quilting friend was having a bad day this past week, I re posted the same letter on a yahoo group. To encourage her and hopefully give her a laugh. I cannot believe the response I am getting telling me that I made their day and they are thank~full to be living their own life, not mine.
Now mind you a whole year has gone by and I could probably write a novel by now! Murphy does not have one thing on me...ROFL!~! So here is the letter:

OK, I just had to write this letter tonight (11/07/2006). I want each and everyone of you to thank God for your health, wealth, quilty time and sanity. Lately (like the past year) I have been going through a rough time. My dad is driving me crazy. He has reverted to being the kid and me the parent.
My FIL has had a heart attack and triple bypass surgery. We are lucky enuf to only live two blocks away from my in~laws. (ya-hoo!~!) He is in the hospital as of yesterday with another episode. AND they tried to give him to me as a patient. Last month my husband hasn't been feeling well and he went into his oncologist/pulminologist. He had been diagnosed with sacrcoidosis early last year. They did a CT scan and his disease is stable but his heart had been affected. So off to a stress test he went. After walking for a long time, they couldn't get his heart rate up enough to inject what ever it is that they inject (and yes I am a RN....rofl) So they had him to start jogging. Mind you he wore "comfy" shoes just like instructed. He wore flip flops!~! So flippity flop, floppity flip.....11 minuets later he was able to stop. ROFL and I missed the whole thing! The RN told me all about it. Well, to make the long story short. They are "watching him" and he develops chest pain he needs a cardiac cath.
A few weeks ago My son Jesse (4th son) was in his first EVER football game. He got sacked pretty bad. To make this story short, he has a "wrench" in his spine where l4-5 and his s1 is bulging with spinal fluid. So off to children's hospital in Detroit we go. The Tx is rest and hopefully it will absorb or else in 8 weeks they will have to patch him up. LITERALLY.
I got a silly blood clot in my leg 2 weeks ago. I ended up going down the ER after work for a what I thought was going to be a quick trek and get something for pain. Low and behold lovenox in my belly later, a huge massive bruise (I must have rubbed my tummy) I have recovered.
Saturday the boys almost had a devastating accident when DS #1 gun misfired. They were duck hunting.
Then this week being short on $$$$$ (nothing new) I got a tiny bag of shrimp and I made shrimp and rice. (this is tonight which was the final straw or "icing on the cake as we say") I just had it all prepared and my husband and I sat down for a nice dinner after I worked all day today. 3 of the boys went fishing today and the other son Joe was working at Home depot. We get a call.
"MOM!~! I need you to come RIGHT away! I am on break and I took my car in for new tires before work and I walked over to pick it up. THEY LOCKED MY KEYS IN THE CAR!~!"
So, in order to help out and not make him late returning to work from his break, my husband and I both sat our plates on the counter. We took off on a short run only 5 min or so. When we returned we went into the kitchen and the plates were LICKED clean! NOTHING WAS left! Our Labrador whom NEVER did anything like this (she is the usual dumpster diving type of girl) Had got up on the counter and had a smorgase board!
Talk about being kicked when already down! All's I could do is start laughing hysterically. My DH thought I had lost my mind and for a moment, yes I probably did. I couldn't cry an more I could only say figures!
I am not writing this for sympathy, to have you send a card or money or FQ. Please DO NOT! do any of those. I just wanted you read what someone else is going through and when a little trifle thing occurs in your life remember someone always has it worse. Although at this time I hope no one has it worse than this....ROFL Have a wonderful Quilty day!~! And please pray!~! O my goodness! Paulette in Michigan

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