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EYE Candy

Look what I got! This is the story: A friend at work asked if I would look at a quilt her mother-in-law had. It was her grandma's, grandmother. So I get it home and have a peek and it is like eye candy! 1930's fabrics! She wants me to finish the remaining row. She also included fabric from the last row!
Now my question is:
1) Once I finish the remaining row in the original fabric what would be the value of something like this? It appears to be a queen size top.

2) Should I finish something like this?? My reasoning is; once you add any NEW fabric (backing) the value will drop right? Because the quilt is only as old as the newest fabric?? right?

3) How should something like this even be "finished"?? It was all done by hand and in almost perfect tiny stitches.


swooze said...

Do they care about the value others place on it or the value that it is a piece of their family history. If they want it to have the vintage value start looking for vintage fabric backing and tell them the price. It looks like it is in great condition.

doni said...

Traditionally muslin was used for backs - that would not take any value away from the quilt. Swooze has a good point - do they care about value?

Have fun working on it - I love unusual designs and settings!

doni @ Oregon coast

Lissa Jane said...

it would be fun to finish.. and to be honest, I think quilts should be used.. not every quilt is a museum piece, and I'd be happy if someone comes across my ever growing UFO pile when I am no longer here and finishes them and used them.. I like muslin for hte backing too..

cindyquiltsOR said...

I also vote for muslin. It seems to match the era.