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Every mama's nightmare

I had a terrible phone call on Monday that scared me to death! My husband and I was on our way out to eat when the cell phone rang. It was Joe. he said: "Mom !!! WHERE are you? I hit my head and there is blood all over, I am lying in my car seeing stars." Apparently his car door closed while he was getting in and the glass cut his head by his eye brow. He has an old elcamino and they don't have a metal top on the door like the cars do now. I must say for an ER nurse I tend to get woozy when it comes to my own kids wounds. The first thing he did when we got home was remove the towel and say: "SEE! what do you think????" ewwwwww!!! 5 stitches later in the ER (yep the same one I work at) Joe now has another character mark in his noggin. He thought the ER DR should have given him dilaudid instead of motrin, ROFL but he survived. I thank God it wasn't worse!

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