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One of "those" moments

OK I have to tell on myself. I am such an idiot! I belong to quilt (internet chat) I was one of the ops. I met an online friend her nick is "Bamse" I didn't know Bamse was Jewish, so I had made her a Christmas stocking and had it stuffed with Santa & quilting things to take for our meeting here in Michigan. (She was on a trip and in town). Well LAST night I found out she is Jewish!
O my goodness! So first thing this morning I had to go digging through all my fabrics because I just knew I had some Hanukkah fabric somewhere. I whipped up a humbug bag and stuffed everything in it. I even swapped my Christmas card for a cute Debbie Mumm one. Then do you know what happened?? I was so frazzled about getting there on time I FORGOT THE BAG!~!~! Lord have mercy on me! So here is the pix and if I don't run it over to her hotel before she leaves I will be mailing it to her! LOL See the stocking I made her??

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