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I was in my sewing room, sewing Christmas pineapple blossom blocks when I noticed how shabby my ironing board was. Why haven't I made a new cover? It is not like I don't have the fabric or batting to do so?? Why did I make a new seat cover for my stool but not a matching cover?? I am miss "match everything", miss "match coordinator" miss "designer ~wanna be"!
So I got the same retro fabric out that I used for my stool and went at it. I put new heavy thick batting down, trimmed it and then over cut the fabric by 5 inches all the way around my ironing board. A simple 1 inch turn, a few zigzag stitches and some ribbon on a roll. I have a coordinating ensamble! I am patting myself on the back about this one!~! ROFL I didn't name myself mamacrafty for nothing.................


Hi! I'm Grace said...

wow! mamacrafty, I had never seen a craft room looks like a fabric store.
I'm back... and cold... brr... remember, its my first winter here... :)

Kristi said...

Wow! I'm impressed with your sewing room. I thought I was looking at pics of Wal Mart with all that fabric neatly organized!! :) That is so neat. I don't sew, but if I did, I think I would be the same way.

By the way, I'm Kristi from Thimble Thoughts. I enjoyed looking at your blog.