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Tobbacco Road

Proof is in the pudding!~! here is my mystery quilt top I got done. It was Bonnie Hunters: QUILTVILLE.COM, tobbacco roads! See how the whole out look of the quilt changes ?? and all you have to do is switch out the colors!


Christine said...

Ohhhh I looove your OTR quilt so much, I think I have to start again.
Thanks for sharing


Béa said...

Very beautiful version of OTR,I love the idea 30'and white, very calming. Congrats !
Béatrice, France

cheryl said...

I decided NOT to make this one after I saw the colors (also not a fan of pinwheels unless I am in the mood) YOUR QUILT is beautiful! I have a daugher-in-law who loves spring repo fabrics and I am sure she would love your version. thanks for sharing. be good cw

Pat H. said...

Boy do I like your OTR in the reproduction fabrics. I like it in the one color. Looks like summer time.

Pat H.

Kathy Wagner said...

Wow! That is a beautiful version of OTR! And you are so fast to have all those millions of pieces together already!