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Busy Day!~!

Today the guys went to the University of Michigan game again, so I had the whole day to myself. I needed to sew myslef some new UGLY blue scrubs. This is the official color that RN's HAVE to wear. Being a colorful person I love wearing greens, pinks, yellows and purples BUT now we can only wear one color.....BLUE ewwwwww!~!

Then I decided to make meeeee something. I love pincushions so I decided to use my selvedge fabric and make me one. One day I plan to do a whole quilt in just selvedges but I still keep collecting....and collecting!

Then I decided it was time to take inventory of my crafty room. I stood back and couldn't believe it! YIKES!~!~! It was a mess again! Guess I will clean it on Monday.

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Hi! I'm Grace said...

wow! Ma'am, indeed you are very busy! Nice work. God bless.