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New job & rag rug

OK. I am nuts!~! I took on a new job and now I am the hospital rapid admit nurse......rofl

I am doing 12 hour shifts ewwww!~!

In the mean time. I did some internet searches and decided I wanted to make a rag rug for my crafty room. Next time I make one I think I am going to use some thought to the color theme, instead of just using what ever fabrics I have on hand. I also want to make a braided rug. What do you think of my rug??
My piggie helped me pick out fabrics.
The pond is the most loveliest shade of green. It has rained so much lately!
Then look at puppies! They are getting so big! Litlle foster brought Matt a mouse (YES!~! AS IN M-I-C-K-E-Y) last night! ewwww! I am soo glad it wasn't mee! If I would have have seen that EVERYONE would have heard me screaming! and I don't care if it is from California to Florida to Maine!~! YOU would have heard it!~! ROFL Having 4 boys has sure sharpened my vocal abilities!

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swooze said...

Love all the pics. What is your piggys name? I would love to have one but am afraid the dogs would get it.