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Running up to speed

Time to play catch up:

* My father in law is at home from his respite. Please continue to pray for the family.

* My grandmother....bless her heart! She is a cat with 9 lives and going on the 20th. She died last year and was a no code blue and they brought her back to life, oooops..............since then she wants to live.

* Jesse is in baseball. That alone takes up a lot of time.

* Joe is getting ready to graduate. (again rofl) Then enrolled in the academy to graduate again in Dec...ROFL

* I have begun a personal journey to get fit and healthy. I had put on the pounds and wasn't very happy with myself. I joined a free weight loss web site that does it all, and I mean DOES IT ALL FOR YOU! You meet so many friends and learn so much!

* Dan bought himself a new bike and his been riding daily.

* We are working on our yard. Making a new dog kennel and I think we are going to take out the pool.

* Now about quilting: I am keeping up with my BOMS, got a UFO on the frame and plan to have it done by Saturday. I will post pictures later.

So for now I will leave you with pictures of Foster. He is a crazy dog! He ALWAYS is carrying something in his mouth and if he sees something else laying around he will try to cram it in also.


Caron said...

Your doggy is adorable! What is the "free weight loss web site" you mentioned?

Need HELP! :)

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Will continue to pray for your father-in-law and family. Go Grandma! Sometimes they can really amaze us with their strength. Sounds like you have quite a busy life going on. Love the pics of Foster. Too cute! Can you share the weight loss site with us? That would be greatly appreciated.

I have a couple of awards for you to pick up as well.