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MY Trip & Updates:

WARNING!~! This might get lengthy:
Today I went on the 2009 Holiday Shop hop.

I paid for the bus tour and we went all over Michigan. Johnny was our driver. I think he got a smidgey irritated when the tour went into over time. But G (insert BIG eye roll here) try getting 42 women out of a quilt store that has over 7,000 bolts of fabric! It is like taking your kid to a play place and telling them it is time to go home. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what the response will be.

I bought the kit from each store to make the Holiday Quilt.I also bought extra fabrics, a few patterns, buttons and took gadzillions of photos!

In each shop they were running a special. If you brought in a can good, you would get a free ornament to make! You bet your boots I brought mine!

One lady was really funny. She had heinz gravy, icing, french onions.....she made the statement: 'If my husband asks what happened to Thanks Giving day dinner; mums the word!"

I had a really good time.

They fed us really well too! She kept coming up and down the isles yelling: "get your feed" we were cattle or something

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