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What's Happening??

Let me bring you up to speed as what's been happening:
I now have:
*3 gorgeous daughter in laws!♥♥
*A new grand baby!!♥♥
*A new cat!!♥♥
*Embarked on a different type of nursing career. ( Not sure if I should insert hearts here or not, the jury is still out if I like this career or not)
*Lost my guinea pig of seven years.
*Had surgery on Valentines Day 2014. Very thank-full the preliminary report came back good. Waiting for the biopsy. I have this week off from work due to the surgery so here I sit bored as could be thinking.....maybe I should update my blog!!
Who knows? Years from now when I want to recall things or look back and see what was happening, I will have this journal and also a journal of my life for my kids to read.

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