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Stocking swap

Each year I join in a stocking exchange. This is my sixth year. This year I have to admit was like any other year.................... I PEEKED! Before the grand opening. !~!Shoot!
There went my good intentions! So I guess Santa will be leaving me a lump of coal in my stocking?? BUT!! On the up side of things: I do have my wonderful stocking! Let me tell you about it!
The stocking is so adorable! I do not have anything like it! Wonderful colors of red, white and green.

Tucked inside was a bounty of quilting treasures! As you can see from the picture...she really out did herself! needles, book mark, fat quarters, and see tucked away in the right corner?? A breast cancer awareness pincushion WITH PINK pins! Now how cute is that??
Lotion, a tin with a tape measure!, not one but TWO Christmas ornaments! A quilting pattern and a beautifully made satchel to keep it all in! a take & go type of bag! I love it!
Then do you see the bag of skittles?? She had a label made that read "take as needed for stress" ROFL!!
Then what do my wondering eyes should see?? O my! A Mckenna Ryan pattern!!
YES!~! It is the first one I now have! Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you!~
What a great gift you have sent me! The box was cute too!
Now as usual after looking at all my bounty I look for the card......LOL
This year I got my quiltchat stocking from:

MISTY, Thank-you very much. I love each and everything you sent me!
I am so thankful. You sent me things that I needed and wanted.
I think it has been two years now that I have been looking looking at Mckenna Ryan patterns, but couldn't really buy one. I hope your stocking was all that you want it to be. Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!

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