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HaPpY ~NeW~ YeAr!~!

We are well on our way into the New Year. A lot has happened that has kept me from blogging.
The church is off and running. Mercy Ministries has so many things to do in 2010!
I have been exercising for 21 days now. Today I may have over done it. I worked out 1 hour and 30 min. on wii fit. Dan & I went to the health club we joined and worked out 1 hour and 30 min. there.
My legs feel like jello!
I have 200 calories left to eat for the day and I am not sure how I want to "spend" them.
The Daniel fast started Jan 3rd.
Today I went to Joanne's and spent $107.00 in fabric. Then I got a whopping 80% off! (They are going out of buisness.) so for a little over 20 dollars I walked out with a bag full of beautiful fabric that is screaming "don't put me on the shelf!"..........................................(more to come)
Happy new Year! I hope you had a wonderful Holiday!
Here is some pictures of our family Holiday:


feolafitness said...

Hi! I just came across your blog and want to encourage you on your Daniel Fast. My blog, Those Who Hunger, provides recipes and devotionals for people doing the Daniel Fast. I pray that the Lord will bless you richly as you seek Him!

Scrapbooking by Kelly Messer said...

Hi aunt Paula
i am following your blog on my blog.. Have u looked at mine yet?? look at mine and see what u think.. i am still trying to work on mine some-
So that is great that U are working out for the last 21 days.. I FINALLY cleaned off my treadmill-I had ebay stuff on mine and gonna try to get rolling on that again. I had a bike but Roger gave it away-it was brand new-long story. R U doing weight watchers or just counting calories?? Your trees are beautiful.. Oh one last question-WHY IS JOANN's going out of buisiness??? 80% off-wowie.. i want some material to scrap with -just tiny pieces.. i want to try to make some flowers with.. Do they have scrapbooking stuff 80% off too??? hehe Remember your neice's birthday is Feb 5th-hahaha Just kidding