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I love animals. We have so many different kinds. Here are 2 different types of squirrels. We also have the grey ones and the tiny little red ones. They are only 5 inches long. They are very hard to get a photo of.

I got an UFO done. I had the sashings & backings cut out for a very long time. I used stuffing that I got at a yard sale. The pillow ended up bigger than what I thought it was going to but O well!Tomorrow I plan to post and start another give away. I will also post about my father in law (who came home on hospice) and my grandmother who is in the ICU at a hospital in tim buck two. I hate not being close, but I did call her yesterday out of the blue. That in itself was unusal and I got to talk with her for quite awhile. Last night she became ill and my mother took her in.

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