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Monday Mutterings & New contest

What a busy week! My mother in law as you know was hospitalized and she is now home, but her leg looks really bad This week and she needs to go back.
My Father in law is home on hospice. Bless his heart! He is a sweet & gentle soul.
My grand mother had surgery early Sunday morning. She ended up having a twisted colon. I wonder how it gets twisted??
Dan preached this Sunday. I am glad it is a new week!

OK Here is a new contest: The last two winners have not responded so They forfeit the prizes.

To win this contest just send me a comment and answer this question:

There was a woman who sewed in the bible. She did mighty deeds and charitable sewing. When she died many came to weep. WHO WAS SHE??
The prize is 10 fat quarters! You have to respond with in ONE week!


Jeanne said...

Would it be Dorcas?

Roslyn Atwood said...

Dorcas or Tabitha is the only woman who is specifically named as making garments for others & being mourned after her death.There are other women who made garments, sold cloth etc [Lydia] but none fit the profile.

Michele said...

I will say Dorcas.

Sallie said...

It was Dorcas who was mourned by her neighbors because she sewed garments for the poor (Acts ch 9) and Peter raised her from the dead!!