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Do you have one of these kids?? Did you think it would ever change??
Here is how the story goes:

Twas the night before school, when all through the house, everyone was tired even all of the mouse (rofl it had to rhyme!)
Mama had cooked, cleaned, done the PTA thing, taxied everyone to and fro their sports practices and was just settling down for a good nights sleep. When what do her disbelieving ears should be heard: "Mama I forgot to tell you BUT I need 5 dozen cupcakes for school tomorrow."
So up like a flash to kitchen she went, whipping out pans and cute little liners.............
You know how the rest goes, anyway Friday morning just BEFORE my twelve hour shift Joe said: "Mom I need you to sew these patches on by tomorrow" hmmmmm let me see when I leave for work and get off it already is TOMORROW! Yikes.
So I quickly took the old patches off and whipped stitched the new ones on.

Joe is now up a grade (see the extra bar??) and he changed colors because he is going from seaman to airman. (I think I got that right) All I know is that he passed the aeronautics test.

I am glad it wasn't cupcakes I had to make!


swooze said...

Gee....I hoped it got better. Let me tuck that dream away.

JVC_Scout_Mom said...

I put on nametags a couple of times for Paul on his "utils." For his dressblue/white he always had the tailor at the NEX do. He paid a couple of bucks, but it saved me the frustration about worrying if I had matching thread, or if I got it just a tad crooked. ;) Heck, I would have paid for them, just so I wasn't stressed that he'd get dinged at inspection because I did something just a smidge off.