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OK Let me bring everyone up to speed so we are all on the same page. Due to circumstances that just kinda "happened"we are now associate pastors at garden City Church of God.

They don't have a web site yet, but that will be shortly forth coming.

The building is under construction as My dh & son is tearing out the front and enlarging the platform. It should be done in 2 weeks give or take a few days. I will get pictures tonight.

ON February 21st I am holding our first scrap book night. We have a sign up sheet and 8 are game.

My niece who has a crickut is making the pages up. She put in the bulletin "You don't have to be crafty....We are crafty for you!" The pages are gorgeous.

We are telling people to bring in photos of what they do this Sat, Valentines day.

In the mean time. I am making door prizes. I made 4 tiny totes. They are not much bigger than a kleenex package. I am going to put little items from Michael's dollar bin in them. We are having light refreshments, which will probably turn out to be a food fest by the time I get done cooking......ROFL

What do you think?? have any suggestions?? Comments?? Want to come??

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