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Burning the Midnight Oil

I was cleaning my sewing room last night and all of a sudden for some reason my Robyn Pandolf fabric flew off the shelf and said "It is my turn!" So I decided to use it to make my quilt. I cleaned my sewing machine and I was having a sewing frenzy when I realized I was 4 squares to short! So back to cutting. I then got the nifty idea to square my squares up, so to the calculator I went: 12.5 finished square divided by 5 blocks...hmmmmmm 2.5 inches! so away I went to trimming! Then in a flash it dawned on my: You idiot! It should be 2 7/8! O MY GOSH! so back to the cutting area I went. Re squared those HST up only to then realize I had sewn 2 of those wrong sides together! Well, This should be one fine quilt! I decided to show case my mistake and put those two wrong side fabrics right smack dab in the middle, so it looks like I intentionally did it....rofl.

I already got the mistakes out of the way and it's smooth sailing from here on out.


Heather said...

I love the colors! If you wouldn't have given the story of your "mistakes", wouldn't have even noticed!

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

I had to laugh about the "mistake" blocks. At Christmas as I was finishing block no 4 of a table topper quilt( quilting on my longarm) I discovered one half square triangle sticking out in the wrong direction... well it still makes me smile. I am certainly not perfect, nor have I ever created anything perfect. Its all good.

Elaine Adair said...

Good attitude girl, about the 'mistake'! Had fun with my short visit, and I'll be back. I can't figure how you cam manage 3 12-hr. shifts and have anything 'left' in the energy department!