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The craziest things have been happening! Since New Years Jesse has been having these abdominal pains, right out of the blue it will hit him. Well today it happened again. The school called me and I went to pick him up. I drove right over to his DR's office. She ordered a chest xray, a surgical consult and EKG. We went first to get the chest xray. He was complaining he had some chest pain.
After he was done, the tech came out and said: "Mom you need to go right home, do not take him any where else do you understand me???" and she was bobbing her head up and down like one of those bobble heads. Next thing I knew I was bobbing my head up and down too! "The DR will call you" she finished.
WELL GEESH!~! you don't say that to a mom much less a RN who knows all kinds of ichy itis that can/could go/be wrong!!!
Thankfully the DR called right after I made it home and told me Jesse has pneumonia. We are to take his temperature and if it spikes he will be admitted. If not it is viral. She called in z~pack script.
Jesse isn't acting sick at all. As a matter of fact he wants to go to church tonight! If this was me I would be playing it for all it is worth and get a new toy out of the deal...rofl!!

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